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Self_Eval_PersuasiveSpeech - 2 Do you think you had enough...

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1. What was the biggest difference you found between the informative and  persuasive speeches?  What did you have to do to adjust to that difference or  differences? The persuasive speech was much challenging in the way you had to really believe  what you were saying. Otherwise, your points kind of fell off in that they lacked  the strength and sensibility depending on how strongly you felt about the topic. I  had to be more credible and base my sources at appropriate places. Citing the  sources was the toughest so far because the citations not only had to come from  credible sources but they had to be placed at appropriate instances. So it was  definitely a very big challenge in having proper citations and really prove the  audience that whatever I was talking was something that they could agree on. 
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Do you think you had enough evidence in your speech? In other words, do you feel you had sufficient enough evidence from credible sources to support your argument? Do you wish you had done something different as far as sources and citing goes? Yes, I think I had enough evidence in my speech though I feel I could not stress on them enough while citing the sources. 3. Without having watched your speech - do you think you spoke with conviction? Do you think you made a conscious effort to deliver your speech in a sincere and powerful way? Yes, I do feel I spoke with conviction. I made an effort to deliver the speech in a sincere way but I don’t think it was powerful enough....
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