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exp cult film short essay 1-1 - Arthur Zak Exp. Cult.: Film...

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Arthur Zak Debashree Mukherjee Exp. Cult.: Film – Short Essay # 1 Friday; 9:30 am This scene from Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove (1964) is a great example of the synergy of formal devices and aesthetics that comprise a film. The film technique that furthers the action and the shots is editing, and in this scene, continuity editing is employed; there are no spatial or temporal disparities. The scene continuously flows from the Russian ambassador choosing his food, to the discussions at and around the nearby circular War Room table, and finally to the struggle between the ambassador and Turgidson. No story time has been omitted or cut from this scene, nor is there any jarring change in spatial relations between the characters. Furthermore, the 180 degree rule is observed, where the camera always stays behind one line of action. Adding to the sense of continuous flow, cigars and tables provide graphic continuity between shots; at the end of the first shot of the scene, a man offers the ambassador a cigar, and in the next shot of the War Room table, smoke is seen rising from another man’s cigar – cigar smoke is also noticeable in a few subsequent shots. Linking the table of food to the War Room table can serve as a metaphor of the U.S. officials being hungry – for power, pride, or sexual validation.
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exp cult film short essay 1-1 - Arthur Zak Exp. Cult.: Film...

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