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BIBC lecture 10 - Lecture 10 Tuesday 9:30 AM Midterm Exam...

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-> 2 hours Double the awesome! OH today 12-2 PM To finish oxidizing the carbons -> cellular respiration i. 2 pyruvate from 1 glucose A. Without it, they can do other things for energy production 1) Cellular respiration req O2 i. Require 2 NAD+ per round of glycolysis 1) 2 examples: lactate fermentation and alcohol fermentation ii. Alternate energy producing catabolic fates of pyruvate B. Lactate fermentation C. Many microorganisms can do cellular respiration i. Need to do lactate fermentation to keep glycolysis going 1) Microorganisms can find themselves growing in an anoxic (no O2) environement ii. Conversion of pyruvate to ethanol i. Intermediate: acetylaldehyde 1) Input: pyruvate ii. Ouput: ethanol iii. Reaction iv. Alcohol Fermentation D. Glycolysis Recap I. Midterm Exam Tomorrow at 2 PM at WLH 2001 Lecture 10 Tuesday, August 16, 2011 9:30 AM BIBC 102 Page 1
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When food is abundant. When would microorganisms do fermentation even with oxygen available? Converts ethanol -> acetaldehyde a) LIVER: Also have alcohol dehydrogenase 1) Mammals iv. -------------------------------------END OF MIDTERM MATERIAL--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can act as a food source -> 2 Carbon sugar If you ingest industrial alcohol that has methanol in it -> methanol posioning 1) Alcohol dehydrogenase (DH) isn't that specific; can also use methanol as a substrate 2) Methanol poisoning i. Especially eye tissue -> blindness a) Crosslinks proteins b) Formaldehyde is extremely reactive 3) Try to outcompete methanol as a substrate in the Active site of alchol dehydrogenase before
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BIBC lecture 10 - Lecture 10 Tuesday 9:30 AM Midterm Exam...

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