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ENG 106 - Winter 12 1/8 Midterm Name: Problem 1 (20 points) Problem 2 (10 points) Problem 3 (20 points) Problem 4 (15 points) Problem 5 (15 points) Problem 6 (30 points) Problem 7 (15 points) TOTAL (125 points) Many of the questions are about setting up the equations to solve for an analysis. If it says Do not solve, just set up the relation with either the equations or the table expression {e.g. (P/F,i’,N)}. You must calculate (if needed) and insert the proper values into the relation to be given full credit {e.g. P = $100 (P/F,5%,6 yrs)}. You must circle or box your final answer to be given credit. This exam is closed book and closed notes. You may have four sides of an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet with hand-written notes. The point values are given in parentheses after each problem. The total exam is worth 125 pts. or 25% of your grade. The room is crowded. You are expected to do your own work and try to shield your work from direct view of your neighbors as much as possible. The Code of Academic Conduct requires that students not cheat on exams, plagiarize or commit other unfair or dishonest academic acts. Every effort should be made by students to ensure a fair examination. I agree to uphold the UC-Davis Code of Academic Conduct. Student's Signature
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ENG 106 - Winter 12 2/8 Midterm Name: 1. Bryan deposits $1200 into a saving account at the end of each year for five years. The bank pays at the rate of 6% APR, compounded quarterly. a) Solve for the effective interest rate that matches the deposit schedule. (10 pts) C = 4 int periods/pay periods K = 1 pay period/year ݅ ௘௙௙ ൌ ቀ1൅ ஼௄
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ENG106-W12_Midterm-soln - ENG 106 - Winter 12 Midterm 1/8...

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