Disclosure Analysis Paper

Disclosure Analysis Paper - 1 The Ford motor company is one...

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1 The Ford motor company is one of America’s oldest and well-known automobile companies. The firm produces various types of automobiles and is presently in several countries across the globe, apart from the US. The latest available financial statement example, the 2010 annual report has been analyzed for this assignment. Financial statements are the most vital part of any financial analysis and crucial for any investor. The performance of the organization, its financial health, and its future course of direction can be assessed from its financial statements. This is also the reason every publicly traded company has to produce a financial statement by law. Although financial statements are very important, they cannot offer the complete details that would be useful to an investor. Only looking at the financial statements may not give the complete picture and this is why notes to the financial statements are important. “The notes to the financial statement provide detailed and more comprehensive information that clarifies the information contained in the main financial statements like the balance sheet and income statement” (The Importance and Uses of Notes to the Financial Statements). These notes are the most comprehensive part of any financial statement in addition to numbers; the accounts can add comments, information, and their opinion. “Professional analysts universally agree that a thorough understanding of the notes to financial statements is essential in order to properly evaluate a company's financial condition and performance” (Loth, Richard). Like other
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Disclosure Analysis Paper - 1 The Ford motor company is one...

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