Ch10 - Ch.10 Participating in Groups 1. Cultural...

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Ch.10 Participating in Groups 1. Cultural differences in groups Western countries: use groups to get things done rather than for strengthening the bonds of the members of the group East Asian: Confucianism requires that a person be affiliated and identify with a small and tightly knit group of people over long periods of time. Role of Gender in groups: (perceived differences rather than real differences) o Women: process-oriented. o Men: goal-oriented. 2. The group participant Performing group responsibilities: o All members should be knowledgeable. o Each member should try to respect others’ rights as much as possible. o Not assume that rejection of your idea is a rejection of you personally. o Members should take an active role in communicating with each other. o Members must try to set aside their own prejudices and beliefs so as to listen and respond to what others have to say. Communicating as a group member – performing group maintenance tasks : o Don't be a silent majority (people who say nothing during decision-making process). It does not release you from accountability for that decision. o Treat others with respect. o Maintain a positive attitude. o Encourage others. o
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Ch10 - Ch.10 Participating in Groups 1. Cultural...

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