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comm ch 7 notes - Ch 7 Interpersonal skills 1....

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Ch 7 Interpersonal skills 1. Participating in conversations Small talk: is an exchange of information with someone on a surface level. o 15 min; 闲闲 before open a topic; centers on ‘biographics’ like name, occupation, college major, hometown, or personal information like hobbies, interests, future plans. Effect of Culture: o European Americans: Analytical thinking (which dissects events and concepts into pieces that can be linked into chains of statements backed up by facts and examples). o Asian cultures: Holistic thinking. Listen well: o Listen to concerns of others o Don’t assume o Before speaking, ask yourself what message is needed Nonverbal skills: o E.g. quick glances away indicate the person is anxious to leave. 2. Giving directions We give others directions, for example, instructions for accomplishing a task, achieving an effect, or getting somewhere. Try to include all necessary details, organize in a specific and clear order. Easiest to follow when given in a chronological or a spatial order. 3. Requesting The process of expressing a desire for something. Centers on asking, expressing a desire or soliciting for something wanted or desired. (Requesting 4. Dealing with interpersonal conflict Conflicts: o … is any situation in which you perceive that another person, with whom you’re interdependent, is frustrating or might frustrate the satisfaction of some concern, need, want, or desire of yours. o Conflict is an inevitable result of individual differences, limited resources and a difference in role definitions. 4 Causes of Conflicts: o Goals to be pursued o Allocation of resources o Decision to be made o Behaviors that are considered inappropriate Level of Conflicts: (pp.194 ? !) o Level1: no conflict o Level2: latent conflict o Level3: problems to solve o Level4: dispute o Level5: help o Level6: flight or fight o Level7: intractability Individual approaches to dealing with conflicts: (pp.201
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comm ch 7 notes - Ch 7 Interpersonal skills 1....

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