Annotated Bibliography Tabitha Floyd HIS204

Annotated Bibliography Tabitha Floyd HIS204

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Annotated Bibliography Tabitha Floyd HIS204: American History since 1865 Instructor: Christine Hansen
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Topic: Automobile changed America in the 1920’s. Thesis: In unit two, the automobile changed Americans ways of life in the 1920s. The outcome leads to social, cultural and economic changes. Lets see how find these changes were linked to the automobile and prove that the automobile changed America. Annotated Bibliography -1 Schneider, H. M. (1996). EXPLORING THE AUTO CULTURE. Canadian Studies / Carleton University , 12.402. Summary- The automobile brought the economical effects. Promoted growth of other industries. Especially petroleum, rubber, and steel. Helped fuel the creation of a national system of highways. Automobiles required better roads. After WWI, federal funds became available for building highways and a major industry was born. Created new service facilities. Filling stations, garages, and roadside restaurants sprang up across the nation. Motels (the word itself is a blend of 'motor' and 'hotel') catering to the needs of motorists began to replace hotels. The auto mobile brought a social effect by creating a more mobile society. Cars broke down the distinctions between urban and rural America. With the automobile came the new tradition of the "Sunday drive," and many city folks got their first chance to tour the rural countryside. Rural Americans, on the other hand, drove into cities to shop and to be entertained. Broke down the stability of family life. Now it was far easier for individual family members to go their own way. Broke down traditional morality. Children could escape parental supervision as cars became a sort of "bedroom on wheels." Annotated Bibliography -2
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Annotated Bibliography Tabitha Floyd HIS204

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