Are You Sure It - Are You Sure It’s Fat Free Tabitha...

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Unformatted text preview: Are You Sure It’s Fat Free? Tabitha Floyd MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods Instructor: Kerri Dopart November 29 th , 2010 Are You Sure it’s Fat Free? The truth behind fat free foods is very interesting concept. We have all been fooled into thinking things have less fat then they do. The food industry bases there fat figures on the weight of the product and not on the calories a product contains. This misleads us into thinking there are less fat in there products and we wonder why. The reason for this is they are using the wrong mathematical procedures to solve for the fat content. In this paper I am going to show what the real fat levels in three low fat products. I am going to use oatmeal, yogurt and Fiber One bars to show you what the real fat contained in each of them really are. To do this I will be use the proper mathematical procedure to find the levels of fat based on the calories in the product not the weight. “According to our book the correct way to calculate the fat content is to multiply the number of grams of fat by nine...
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Are You Sure It - Are You Sure It’s Fat Free Tabitha...

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