Classroom Management Tabitha Floyd PSY372

Classroom Management Tabitha Floyd PSY372

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Classroom Management Tabitha Floyd PSY372: Educational Psychology Melanie Rodriguez May 9 th ,2011
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Classroom Management As a teacher your daily teaching practices and decision will be based on your own beliefs and ideas. Each teacher will have their own way to maintain their classroom. Classroom management is just as important as what is being taught in the classroom. Children come to school with unique abilities and background. These experiences affect how they learn and processes information. This information must be kept in mind when a teacher is setting up classroom management. Students First couple days of school should be used to encourage the children and to set up boundaries. A student should feel that there teacher supports them as they learn. Learning should be challenging but not over whelming. Clearly communicate to students what your expectations of them are. You should do this by recognizing respectful behavior. Students should help set up rules in the classroom. The more they participate and understand the reasons for the rules the more they are willing to follow them. The classroom should have procedures and routines and behavior expectations that are clearly communicated. All procedures should be taught and practiced as an everyday routine so it comes naturally within the first month of the school year. Your own confidences will effective the classroom setting. Teachers who are not confident in their own abilities will lead to having students who do not have confident in them either. According to Santrock you must show you are in control. (Santrock, 2009) Students should be
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Classroom Management Tabitha Floyd PSY372

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