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Discussion 1 Week 2 Math

Discussion 1 Week 2 Math - Prepackaged is almost 4 times as...

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Discussion 1 Week 2 Pre packaged Items Hickory Liquid Smoke – 4oz. - $.92 Phil. Cream cheese – 8oz.-$1.18 Special K cereal -14oz. -$2.99 Bread Crumbs -15oz.-$.99 Total price- $6.08 Total oz. 41oz. That would be $1.48 per oz. estimated if you change it from oz. to pound you would pay $2.56 per pound estimated. Fruits & Vegetables Cucumbers - $.50 per pound - 3 Pounds = $1.50 Green peppers -$.50 per pound – 2 pounds = $1.00 Bananas - $.29 per pound - 3pounds = $.87 Total price $3.37 Total pounds -8 pounds You are paying $.42 per pound When you compare the price from unprocessed for to prepackaged food. You are paying a lot more per pound for prepackaged food.
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Unformatted text preview: Prepackaged is almost 4 times as much as unprocessed food. Discussion 2 week 2 - Tabitha -30 Austin-15 Kathy -50 Kathy is my older person she was 20 years old when I was born. Kathy would have to be 85 and I would have to be 65 for our ages to equal 150. Equation x(65) + (x+20)= 150 65x+20x=150 85x=150 Minus 85 from both sides. X=65 Austin -15 Tabitha -30 3(15x) =45 45x=45 x=45 If Austin is 15 and I am 30. I would have been 15 when he was born. 3 times his age I would be 45. I am not sure if my equation is right. At this point I am trying my best but I am lost. If you have suggestions or can help me understand I am all ears. Thanks Tabitha...
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