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Discussions To participate in the following Discussion Forums, go to this week's Discussion link in the left navigation: 1. Group Membership List List TWO of the groups/teams to which you belong or have belonged to in the past. Discuss why you joined the groups and what dimensions (i.e. goals, interdependence, interpersonal interaction, perceptions of membership, structured relationships, mutual influence, motivation) make certain groups more productive and satisfying for you. Also, identify what TYPE of group(s) you belong by using the "category types" listed in chapter 1 of the text. Defend your answer. Respond to at least two of your fellow students" postings. The two groups I am part of right now First Baptist Church and Kentucky Teacher Association. First Baptist church this group is a church group of course and our goals are to take care of each other, help out the community and most important spread Gods word. We have about 30 members. We are a small church out in the middle of a small town. Even though our church is small our hearts are not. This last Christmas the church raised enough money to Christmas shop for forty children in the community and give food baskets to 12 families. We work hard to do Gods work in the community that we live in. None of us have a lot of money and all of us work hard and are blessed by God with want we do have. Most people that go to the church are farmers, factory works and self employed individuals we have all had are hard times at one time or another so our compassion for each other and the needs of the community is strong. We stand beside each other and can talk to each other about anything. It is not really a group of people it is a family. To me it important to have this type of connection with others because unlike most of the people who have been here there entire lives, I have not and have no family around here. They have taken me in as family, they watch over me and pray for me and make me feel like this is where I am suppose to be and For that I am thankful to God and them. I would say this group is an high performance group based on the love and caring for each other and the team work that goes into the community activities. Each of us has a talent god gave us and it takes all of us working together to make the church do its part in the community to spread Gods word. The second group is Kentucky Teachers Association this group is because I am a Sub-teacher for Kentucky schools. This group is a little more informal. It is set up to relay important information dealing with the schools to each worker; it informs us of required training, pay incentives, pay period, school cancelations and anything pertaining to our job. I know some of the members but for the most part not too many because it is such a big group. Most communication comes down through the local school you work at or news letters that are sent out monthly or if it is urgent then by email. This group only purpose is to have effective schools with effective teachers. I
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Discussions group - Discussions To participate in the...

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