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SOC312: Child Family & Society (BFE1035A) Instructor: Eboni LaMar To participate in the following Discussions, go to this week's Discussion link in the left navigation: 1. Legal and Ethical Issues How should teachers deal with ethical issues that emerge in the classroom? Should teachers take positions on moral issues? Or should they play a more neutral role? Pick an ethical or moral issue and share thoughts about the issue and how you might handle it in a classroom. Support your posts with information from the text. A minimum of one original post and two responses are required. Teachers have right to there students to have a classroom that is respectful of diverse point of views and to provide a learning environment that represents that respect. As a teacher you will need to model this type of behavior. Show values such as tolerance, open- mindedness, compassion and forgiveness. A teacher should also confront ethical dilemmas in the classroom. To do this you must be able to analyze ethical dilemmas objectively and evaluate its essential components. You need to make sure you use effective reasoning skills. The most important part of this is to keep your own personal opinions to your self. The best thing to do is to set up a classroom where students feel free to agree and disagree as they see fit (Sadker,Zittleman PG.276-277,2009). A think an important ethnical issue that comes up frequently in a classroom is cheating. If the students brings to my attention there is cheating going on in the classroom. Then, I feel it is important to bring it up in the classroom. I would not bring up names or who is doing it but I would give the students a chance to discuss and decide what should happen if someone is caught cheating. I would let the students decide ways to handle cheating and ways to keep people from cheating. I would also let the students know that I would have to be the one that catches the person cheating so I have proof of the cheating happening. I think it is important to let the students express there views on cheating and how they feel about it. I also think it may help prevent students from cheating if they are able to understand the consequences and if they had a hand in setting the standards for handling cheating. 2. Case Study, “Amanda Jackson”
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On the CD-ROM, read case study 8.1 titled, “Amanda Jackson.” Briefly summarize the scenario, and then address the following analysis questions. A minimum of one original post of 200 – 250 words and two responses to the posts of classmates are required. Amanda Jackson’s problem is the school principle is drinking on the job and everybody knows but nobody is doing anything about it. She has a dilemma because she could risk losing her job if she says anything. The other dilemma she runs into is the principle has been drinking and the roads are bad from a snow storm and now the principle wants to drive a student home from school in her condition. I think Amanda should do want ever she needs to to prevent the
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SOC312 - SOC312 Child Family Society(BFE1035A Instructor...

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