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STA2023 Grade Calculator INSTRUCTIONS: 2. This is the minimum score you will need on the FINAL EXAM (out of 100 points) to get each letter grade: Exam1/100 Exam2/100 ExtraCrQuiz/2 ExtraCrQuiz/6 Total Before Final A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- 64 78 2 102 6 252 106 94 82 66 54 42 26 14 2 -14 -26 Need Total 358 346 334 318 306 294 278 266 254 238 226 Percent 90 87 84 80 77 74 70 67 64 60 57 1. Enter YOUR grades on the first two exams, the 2-pt Extra Credit Quiz at beginning of the semester, More Info: will eventually be capped at 102 points . Our policy is to drop the lowest 3 grades to allow for illness, family emergencies, sanctioned travel, technical difficulties, etc. HOWEVER, instead of dropping the lowest 3 grades, we will continue to add points until you reach 102 or we run out of labs and quizzes, whichever comes first.
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Unformatted text preview: This gives you the possibility of a total of 102 points on Labs and Quizzes – the 2 points over 100 are extra credit. Once you reach 102 in Labs&Quizzes any other points WILL NOT COUNT FOR YOUR FINAL GRADE. However, those labs and quizzes remaining will be good practice for the final exam so you are encouraged to do them. There will be an EXTRA CREDIT QUIZ open to everyone the last week of classes, regardless of how many points you have in labs and quizzes. This will be worth 6 points, and will be added to the TOTAL points in the class (not to Labs&Quizzes). The same is true of the 2 point Extra Credit Quiz from the first week. In the end, there are a total of: 400 points in the class (100 each for Ex1, Ex2, Ex3 and L&Q) plus 10 points extra credit (2 pts in L&Q, 2pt ECQ, 6pt ECQ)...
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