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MGMT 451 - B The value-creating activities of focused...

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Practice Quiz 2 Q1. True/False Question: “T” or “F”?  ________ A risk of the differentiation strategy is that the firm's means of differentiation may eventually not provide value to the customer. Q2. True/False Question: “T” or “F”?  _______ Some resources, such as financial capital, have inherent value to the firm, while others are not inherently valuable. Q3. Multiple choice question  All of the following are considered generic business-level strategies EXCEPT A. Business diversification B. cost leadership C. focused differentiation D. integrated cost leadership/differentiation Q4. Multiple choice question The focused differentiation strategy differs from the differentiation strategy in that
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Unformatted text preview: B. The value-creating activities of focused differentiators are more constrained. C. Focused differentiators target a narrower customer market. D. There are fewer risks with the focused differentiation strategy Q5. Multiple choice question A major department store chain has a strict policy of banning photographs or videos of its sales floor or back room operations. It also does not allow academics to conduct studies of it for publication in research journals. In fact, some of its own top managers refer to the management’s policies on secrecy as “verging on paranoid.” These policies indicate that the top management of the firm believes the organization’s core competencies are a. causally ambiguous. b. unobservable. 1 c. imitable. d. common. 2...
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MGMT 451 - B The value-creating activities of focused...

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