Lab 2 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business Applications Fall 2011 Lab 2 Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to provide more experience with methods and divide-and-conquer techniques. Lab Instructions: Description: Write an original script or play (no less than 20 seconds nor more than 90 seconds), and use Alice to create an animated version of it. The plot of your script is that a customer is paying a bill at a restaurant. You will thus have two characters, a “customer” and a “server.” There should be at least three scenes implemented in your story and you should use dummies to position your characters in the different scenes. Each scene should have multiple shots (at least 2 shots per scene). Use world and class-level methods to create your story effectively. For example, you might have a class-level method for the server to present the bill. First, write your user story (also known as your algorithm). For an example, see Figure 1-2 in your text (page 5). You should then create the storyboard sketch of your script, including each shot/scene. You will sketch these shots by hand (or in PowerPoint) and they don’t need to be beautiful, just get the idea across. You will need to use a transition diagram to show how your shots and scenes are connected. Then your shots should be implemented in Alice. You need to turn in your user story, storyboard sketches, transition diagram (see Figure 1-5 on page 7 of your
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Lab 2 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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