Lab 3 - MGMT 29000-003 Programming for Business...

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MGMT 29000-003 Programming for Business Applications Fall 2011 Lab 3 Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to get you familiar with the use of variables and functions in Alice. Lab Instructions: Description: Write an original script or play (approximately 10-20 seconds long), and use Alice to create an animated version of it. The plot of your script is that the user goes to a bank to get a car loan. The bank representative will ask the user how much he/she/it wishes to make in monthly payments. Have Alice calculate the total amounts that the user can borrow for both a 48-month and 60-month car loan. You may use the following equation to compute the amount to borrow: where A is the monthly payment, r is the monthly interest rate, n is the number of monthly payments or the loan’s term, and P is the loan’s principal. You should program your bank representative to tell the user the principal amounts for both the 48-month and 60 month options. You should assume that the user will put no money down and does not need to worry about tag, tax, or title fees at this time. Use functions (at least one of which you must create yourself which is related to the principle amount) with parameters and advanced math functions in your program. First, write your user story (also known as your algorithm). For an example, see Figure 1-2 in your text (page 5). You should then create the storyboard
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Lab 3 - MGMT 29000-003 Programming for Business...

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