Lab 6 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business Applications Fall 2011 Lab 6 Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to provide more experience with Java. Lab Instructions: Description: Design, write, test, and implement a Java program that will compute the total bill for five items in a shopping cart. Your program should prompt the user to enter the price of each item (your program will provide the item name). Your program then should sum the prices and add 7% sales tax (you should assume that each item is taxable.) Your program should then output the final bill including the individual item name and price (each item should be on a separate line), a single line under the item five items that shows the sales tax charged, and then a single line under that showing the total bill including the items and tax). You should use printf() statements to format your output neatly. Also, make sure to use comments to explain your program. Be sure to do a good job of testing (remember our classroom discussions, especially for Java programs).
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Lab 6 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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