Lab 9 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business Applications Fall 2011 Lab 9 Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to provide more experience with flow control, files, and exceptions in Java. Lab Instructions: Description: Payroll is an important activity within a firm. Everyone wants to be paid for their work! In this firm, employees are paid on a weekly basis and everyone is an hourly employee. Given the nature of this business, there is high employee turnover, so the number of employees might change on a regular basis. Write a program that reads an input file named employees.txt and produces an output file named payroll.txt . Each line in the input file provides the data for each employee, with the form: firstName lastName employeeID hourlyWage hoursWorked You should create a file called employees.txt formatted as above in order to test your program. You should add in some “sample” employees to make sure your program works properly. Your program should produce the payroll file containing the same number of lines as the input file, with each line providing one employee’s pay: firstName lastName employeeID pay Be sure to include overtime pay. The overtime rate is 150% of their wage for each hour they work in excess of 40 hours. Employees cannot work more than 80 hours in a week total.
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Lab 9 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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