Lab 10 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business Applications Fall 2011 Lab 10 Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to provide more experience with arrays and lists in Java. Lab Instructions: Description: You work for small, but growing, used car dealership. Your boss would like to view the inventory of cars each day. The dealership is not very sophisticated in the data it tracks. It just tracks make, model, year, wholesale purchase price, and sticker price. Make is the “brand”, for example Ford, Toyota, Subaru, Kia. The model would be “Mustang,” “WRX,” “Sportage.” The wholesale purchase price is the price paid by the dealership for the car. The sticker price is displayed on the car on the lot. Write a program in Java that will ask the user for cars that were added or sold from the lot. First, ask the user which cars were added to inventory. Then, ask the users for the cars that were sold (deleted from inventory). You can assume that cars sell for sticker price (no haggling over price). Your program should then display the average sales in terms of number of cars and dollars as well as the total profit that day. Assume profit is just the difference between wholesale purchase price and sticker price. You can make your program easier to use by using dialog boxes instead of the console. Please note that this is optional and you don’t lose any points by not using dialog boxes since we did not cover this in class.
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Lab 10 - MGMT 29000-002 Programming for Business...

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