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Project 3 - Spring 2011

Project 3 - Spring 2011 - MGMT 38200 Team Assignment#3 Due...

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MGMT 38200 Team Assignment #3 Due Dates: Please see course schedule The deliverable for this group project will be an oral presentation (i.e., about 15 minutes total) to the class concerning an emerging information technology, a revolutionary business use or impact of the technology, or a societal impact of information technology. You should clear your topic with your instructor. Only one team per section will be allowed per topic; topics can be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. You should identify and request your topic via an e-mail to your instructor. The subject line of the request e-mail should include your team number first, followed by the section number or time (only one e-mail submission should be sent per team). Failure to submit an e-mail containing the team number and section number/time will result in delays in processing your request and could result in your team not getting its requested topic.
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