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George Lumber: Motivating Through Compensation George Lumber is a small, family-owned business, run by Angelo George and his father Ira. Business has been good up until last year, as seen in the chart below. Year Number of Employees Profit 2007 52 $300,000 2006 47 $700,000 2005 40 $500,000 2004 25 $300,000 2003 5 $100,000 After careful analysis of new building starts, the cost of raw materials, taxes, and other business conditions, Angelo and Ira have come to the conclusion that the decline in profit is due to a decline in sales revenue from their weekend sales shift. The ten weekend employees tend to be the newest sales people hired at the company. Many of them are working part time and either going to school during the week or holding down another job. Few of them see a position at George Lumber as a career goal, but recently Ira has had two people from the weekend shift approach him to see if weekday work might be available. Because weekend employees are part time, they are not generally offered benefits, although Angelo has studied the possibility. Frankly, he is
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