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Motivation 2_10_11 post

Theory considered 17 responses to equityinequity

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Unformatted text preview: ses to Equity/Inequity Responses Comparison of Self with Others Inequity Motivation to reduce inequity 1. Change inputs 2. Change outcomes 3. Alter perceptions of self 4. Alter perceptions of others 5. Change comparisons 6. Leave situation Equity Motivation to maintain current situation *Motivation to restore equity is in part determined by: Equity sensitivity – An individual’s tolerance for negative and positive inequity 18 Equity Theory Equity How universal is this? Monkey equity Humans differ in “equity sensitivity “Benevolents” “Equity sensitives” “Entitleds” 19 Compensation Plan Elements Compensation ELEMENT DESCRIPTION Individual-Focused Piece-Rate A specified rate is paid for each unit produced, each unit sold, or each service provided. M...
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