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Motivation 2_10_11 post

Performing organization 11 goal setting dangers goal

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Unformatted text preview: 11 Goal Setting Dangers Goal Difficult with complex work Overemphasizes quantitative Non-goal areas ignored Competing Goals Unintended Consequences Rewarding A while getting B Management By Objectives (MBO) Management Applied version of goal setting that Applied incorporates: incorporates: Participation in decision-making Goal setting Feedback Research has found an average gain in Research productivity of 56% when top management commitment was high and only 6% when commitment was low commitment 13 Management By Objectives Management Positive effects unlikely when: Some managers use it and others don’t Some Top management is not strongly Top committed committed Organizations with culture of high commitment Organizations to MBO report an average productivity gain of 56% in first several years 56% Low commitment, 6% gain Expectations are unrealistically high 14 Equity Theory Equity Motivation is maximized when an Motivation employee’s ratio of “outcomes” to “inputs” matches those of some “comparison other” “comparison 15 Three Three Possible Outcomes of Outcomes Equity Theory Comparisons 16 16 Some Outcomes and Inputs Considered by Equity Theory Considered 17 Respon...
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