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Motivation 2-8-11 post

Motivation 2-8-11 post - Motivation Motivation Motivation...

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Unformatted text preview: Motivation Motivation 2/08/11 Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it. ­Dwight D. Eisenhower 1890­1969, Thirty­fourth President of the USA 1 Announcements Announcements The following has been posted on the class The website: website: Assignment/participation scores These files will be updated periodically Exam 1 scores Still need preference for in-class presentation Still dates for group project for some groups dates 2 Announcements Exam grades You need to go to the class website in order You to get your grade to If you want to see your test, you need to come If to office hours to 3 If your unhappy with your score… You get to drop your lowest exam score Exam portion of your grade is based on the two highest Exam exam scores out of the three exams given in the course exam Realize that high scores on group project and Realize assignments WILL increase your overall score Exams are only worth 60% of your overall grade Complete the extra credit opportunity worth 2% Complete added to your exam grade added Make sure you miss no more than two classes to Make earn an extra 1% towards your final grade 4 Vsimulation Worksheets Vsimulation You can download worksheets directly You after you purchased the worksheets using this link: http://www.simulearn.net/LeadershipSupport/Purdue. http://www.simulearn.net/LeadershipSupport/Purdue. First worksheet is due on 2/15/11 You do not need to read chapter 7 before You completing the simulation and worksheet. completing To receive credit, you need to complete the To worksheet. No partial credit is given. worksheet. 5 Vsimulation Steps Vsimulation 1. Click on download link I provided to purchase 1. the software the 2. Select Save As (not Run…)and remember 2. where you ask it to download where 3. When it has downloaded, double click on the 3. Introduction_to_OB.exe Introduction_to_OB.exe 4. This will create icons for the word documents 4. on your desktop and the Simulearn Simulator should automatically run (there is a desktop shortcut for it as well) shortcut 6 Outline Outline Motivation defined Theories of motivation Expectancy theory Psychological empowerment Goal setting theory (next class) Equity theory (next class) How important is motivation? (next class) 7 Motivation Motivation 8 WHAM What it means to Motivate What Arouse action Direct behavior Encourage effort Foster persistence Motivation Motivation Video: Boiler Room Video: Boiler Would you be motivated to start working for Would J.T. Marlin on Monday? Why or why not? J.T. 11 Building Blocks of Motivation Building (Expectancy Theory) Valued outcomes (valence) (valence) Valued Belief that success will be “rewarded.” Belief will (P – O expectancy) (P Belief that I can succeed. Belief can (E – P expectancy) (E Expectancy Theory Expectancy Describes the cognitive process that employees go through to make choices among different voluntary responses 13 Expectancy (E-P) Expectancy “I Can Succeed” The perception that high levels of effort The will result in high levels of performance depends on: depends Self-efficacy The belief that a person has the capabilities The needed to execute the behaviors required for task success success Sources of Self-Efficacy Sources 15 A Fun Example of Self-Efficacy Fun 16 Instrumentality (P-O) Instrumentality “They recognize my achievements.” The perception that high levels of The performance will result in high levels of values outcomes depends on: depends How accurately performance is measured or How rated (performance appraisals) rated How able the organization is able to provide How rewards to high performers rewards Valence Valence “My rewards are satisfying.” The anticipated value of the outcomes The associated with performance depends on the type of outcomes you value the Extrinsic outcomes which are contingent on Extrinsic task performance task Intrinsic outcomes which are felt when task Intrinsic performance serves as its own reward performance Valence Valence 19 Money as a Motivator? Money Money must be important to the individual Money has multiple meanings Achievement Respect Power Money must be perceived as a direct Money reward for performance reward Amount must be perceived as significant 20 A Fun Test Fun Office Space Which of the components of Expectancy Which Theory does Peter have a problem with? Theory 21 Practical Applications Practical Component Objective Applications E→P expectancies To increase the belief that employees are capable of performing the job successfully • Select people with required skills and knowledge •Provide required training and clarify job requirements •Assign simpler or fewer tasks until employees can master them •Provide examples of similar employees who have successfully performed the task •Provide counseling and coaching to employees who lack selfconfidence P→O expectancies To increase the belief that good performance will result in certain (valued) outcomes •Measure job performance accurately •Clearly explain the outcomes that will result from successful performance •Describe how the employee’s rewards were based on past performance •Provide examples of other employees whose good performance has resulted in higher rewards Valence of outcomes To increase the expected value of outcomes resulting from desired performance •Distribute rewards that employees value •Individualize rewards •Minimize the presence of countervalent outcomes 22 Psychological Empowerment Psychological An intrinsic form of motivation derived An from the belief that one’s work tasks are contributing to some larger purpose contributing Fostered by four beliefs: Meaningfulness Self-Determination Competence Impact = motivation derived from the work itself and motivation achievement is intrinsically rewarding achievement 23 Job Characteristics Model Job Take Aways Take Employees can be motivated in many Employees ways ways Building employees’ confidence Providing a clear link between performance Providing and rewards and Reward what your employees’ value (which Reward may not be the same for everyone) may Extrinsic & intrinsic rewards Empower your workers 25 Next class Next Motivation continued… Goal Setting Theory Equity Theory Why is motivation important? 26 ...
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