ISR-100 Checklist Week 10

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Introductory Studies Reading 100 Spring 2012 Amanda Aramburu, Instructor Week 10 Checklist— Complete by Monday—April 2 nd (11:59pm). _X__ Print this checklist (1. click in this frame, 2. use control-P, or click the printer icon in the upper right corner) Keep this in your Week 2 Divider to help you organize your time and keep track of this week’s work . I. __X_ II. Readings & Exercises: CR= (Code for our Textbook) College Reading: Purposes and Strategies *Reminder: You should be practicing all the pre-reading and during reading strategies. __X_ Read (CR Textbook) Ch. 8 (Pg. 235-250) While you are reading make sure to stop and complete all the activities that require you to fill out information and or provide answers. Be sure to take notes in either Cornell Style or Outline Style as you read, and then to help you on the Quiz. __X_
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