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Foundations of Critical Thinking Project                      Student:  _________________ Step 2:  A Working Definition of What It Means to be a Critical Thinker Directions:  Use  sources to develop a one paragraph definition of what it means to be a  critical thinker.   Two  of the sources are from the sources which have been provided to  you.   Chapters 1, 2, 3 from Part IV of your text (pp. 385-421) The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking The  third  source must come from  research of a scholarly source .  (Avoid “.com”  websites; instead look for “.edu” websites.)   The definition must be at least one  paragraph and in your own words. You must cite all sources using MLA format  below.    Step one must be word processed. My definition of a critical thinker:      A critical thinker is someone who has decided to become self disciplined to
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Step 2 Template Project 2 -...

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