bio hk 2 - Bio 124L Fa09 Dissect a Scientific Paper(H2 5...

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Bio 124L – Fa09 Dissect a Scientific Paper (H2 – 5 points) Directions: Type answers to the following questions on the answer sheet provided. ONLY TURN IN THE ANSWER SHEET. Homework not on the answer sheet provided, missing the name of the owner, or including any extra attachment will not be graded and will result in zero credit. No second chances; no late homework. You will write, proof-read, edit, and turn in 3 scientific papers for Biology 124 this semester. The quality of these papers will determine nearly one-quarter of your final course grade. This assignment is designed to help you understand what a formal scientific paper is, what type of information is included in a scientific paper, and how that information is traditionally presented. Let’s get started! For this assignment, you must first read the scientific paper. Just skim the paper or read the abstract so you understand what the paper is talking about, then go back and answer the following questions. If you get stuck, it might help to review “Appendix B: Writing Scientific Papers” on page 139 of your lab manual or McMillan’s Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences available on reserve at the CSEL. Complete sentence answers are not necessary except where indicated. Begin: Using the skills we practiced at the CSEL during the first week of classes, find this article: Journal Title: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Article Title: Emerging infectious disease and the loss of biodiversity in a Neotropical amphibian community Date Published: Feb 2006 (Vol. 103, No. 9) Page Numbers: 3165-3170 1. An abstract is a short summary of the entire scientific paper. It is not considered part of the paper itself. Therefore, the first section of this scientific paper is the Introduction . Unfortunately, neither the abstract or introduction sections of this paper are labeled! This is likely due to the particular format of this journal. What are the other sections of this paper? 2.
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bio hk 2 - Bio 124L Fa09 Dissect a Scientific Paper(H2 5...

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