Cell structure and function

Cell structure and function - Cell Structure and Function...

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Cell Structure and Function Organelles and Their Functions In this lab you will look at the eukaryotic cells of plants and animals. Eukaryotic cells are distinguished from the more primitive prokaryotic cells by the presence of 1) cytoplasmic membranous organelles, 2) a nuclear membrane (i.e. a true nucleus), and 3) chromosomal proteins. In this lab we will focus primarily on organelles, their functions within the cell and how they differ between plant and animal cells. Think of the cell as a microscopic city. Like a real city it requires many services to keep it clean and running smoothly. Think of some of the services a real city needs: traffic control, waste disposal, and authority figure just to name a few. Like our imagined city a cell needs the same services. Organelles are the “workers” that provide these services. The following is a list describing the various functions of some common organelles. The NUCLEUS (“mayor of city hall”) The nucleus houses the majority of genetic material of a cell. The nucleus is the “brain” of the cell and controls all activity within the cell. Using DNA as a blueprint (like the blueprints of a city) the nucleus directs the production of proteins. You will learn about this process in the DNA Transcription and Translation lab. A nucleus with the DNA coiled into chromatin. Electron microscope picture of a nucleus RIBOSOMES (“lumber or brick yard”) The ribosomes carry out manual labor in the form of protein synthesis for the nucleus. They bring together all the raw ingredients such as RNA (copies of the original DNA blueprints) and amino acids to assemble proteins. The proteins created are essential to cell and organismal function.
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Cell structure and function - Cell Structure and Function...

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