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project 2 - Minstrelsy & Hip Hop

project 2 - Minstrelsy & Hip Hop - less...

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Brett Rojas Music 102 Professor Bergman January 27, 2010 Why does Kitwana suggest that white kids love Hip Hop? Kitwana talked about a major economical shift among Americans where many more white Americans are going down in economic classes. With some white kids moving down, they feel as if they should connect with others in their class by listening to hip hop. What are the most important similarities and differences in the presentation of Hip Hop music and Minstrelsy? Both styles use a rhyme and rhythm structure through poetry, but hip hop tends to use
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Unformatted text preview: less instrumentals and even now: computerized beats. Do you think that white audiences in the late 20 th Century and early 21 st Century express “their own sense of marginalization through an identification with African American cultural forms” like Hip Hop music? Yes, going up I have seen many white kids become “wangstas” and “wiggas”. I have seen many of them try to connect with the African Americans by dressing and talking like some of the hip hop icons that they are exposed to....
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