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Brett Rojas Music 102 February 27, 2010 Project 5: Compare These Artists Similarities: Both were punished very severely for large actions and/or beliefs. The Weavers lost their record deal while the Dixie Chicks lost their main sponsor which is a very large source of income. Differences: The Weavers were punished for something that was untrue and shouldn’t have been dropped by Decca records. The Dixie chicks actually did commit the act that led them to be
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Unformatted text preview: dropped by their sponsor. I do not feel like people should pay attention to the politics of music. That is not what makes it good or not. What makes people like music is the quality of the sound and the match between the musical style and the person’s individual tastes. I do not turn a song off because of what a band has or has not done in the past, but that’s just me....
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