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HF 280 - Wyndham

HF 280 - Wyndham - Part 2 At the time the Wyndham Hotel...

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Part 2 At the time the Wyndham Hotel decided to implement and invent the ByRequest computer system, they held a competitive advantage over there competitors. Not only was the Wyndham the only hotel at the time to implement such a system, but competitors such as the Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, and Weston chains were behind the mark in technological advances. Since the beginning of Wyndham Hotels, they have been the leader in using technology to improve guest stays and loyalty. Wyndham was the first to use cordless phones in rooms, have high speed internet in every room, and in-room hairdryers and irons before other hotels even thought about it. Wyndham had a core value that technology was going to be the one unique asset they would offer that would succeed any other hotel and make a guest more loyal to the Wyndham brand. ByRequest went deeper into this vision of technology advancement and made a central PMS system that all hotels could access any where in the world. Centralization allowed standardization of service and more segmentation.
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