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Biology 100 – Practice Final Exam Spring 2011 Name:__________________________________________________________ LAB SECTION:__________________________________________________ Circle your answer on the test sheet: completely erase or block out unwanted answers. Once you have completed the exam, transfer your answers to the scantron. Write your name, version of the test, and lab section on the scantron. There are a total of 50 questions. The exam is worth 100 points . Turn in both the Scantron and the exam when finished. Good luck! 1. One mechanism of evolution is: A. Natural selection B. Sexual selection
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Unformatted text preview: C. Gene flow D. Genetic drift E. All of the above are mechanisms of evolution 2. Which of the following is thought to have been the first step in the origin of life? A. formation of organic polymers B. cooperation among molecules C. formation of polypeptide spheres D. formation of organic monomers E. replication of primitive genes 3. You discover a prokaryote that can make its own food in the absence of light. Nutritionally, you would classify this prokaryote as a ______ . A. photoautotroph B. chemoheterotroph C. photoheterotroph D. decomposotroph E. chemoautotroph...
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