biology 2 - 1 Having certain genes will give you certain...

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1) Having certain genes will give you certain traits. B) False 2) What is the ultimate source of all diversity? E) mutation 3) Gel electrophoresis separates DNA fragments on the basis of differences in their ______. B) length 4) You are attempting to determine the identity of someone from a crime scene. The only evidence is a tiny drop of blood. How can you use this drop of blood to identify the specific individual? C) You can use PCR to increase the amount of DNA available for analysis. 5) A pattern of evolution in which most change in appearance takes place during a relatively short period of time fits the ______ model of speciation. C) punctuated equilibrium 6) Eukaryotes arose about ______ years after the first prokaryotes. C) 1.4 billion 7) Which of the following describes paedomorphosis? D) caterpillars evolving the ability to reproduce 9) Natural selection can be defined as ______. E) descent with modification 10) Natural selection ______. A) results in evolutionary adaptation 11) Which of the following is NOT a requirement of natural selection? D) catastrophic events 12) The current geological era is the ______. B) Cenozoic 13) How is it believed the dinosaurs died off around 65.5 million years ago? D) an asteroid impact 14) A layer of sediment rich in iridium is evidence of ______. D) an asteroid impact 15) Uranium-235, with a half-life of 713,000,000 years, decays to lead-207. If a rock sample is determined to have one-quarter of the uranium-235 content it
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biology 2 - 1 Having certain genes will give you certain...

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