biology 1010 - Exam Consumers Humans are _. What are...

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Exam Consumers Humans are ______. What are eukaryotic genes composed of? DNA What is biology? the scientific study of life The oldest known fossils are from about ______ years ago. 3.5 billion Genetic drift is the result of ______. Change Which of the following are homologous? the forelimb of a dog and the forelimb of a cat The type of reproductive barrier that occurs when two species mate but produce sterile hybrids is referred to as ______. a post-zygotic barrier Which of the following would be an example of paedomorphosis? the ability to reproduce evolving in caterpillars A period of mass extinction is often followed by ______. Explosive diversification Dinosaurs (aside from the lineage that produced birds) were extinct by the end of the ______. Cretaceous Period A hypothesis must be testable to be scientifically valid. Being testable means that _____. some conceivable, non-supernatural observation could prove the hypothesis false True or False: Darwin, the author of "The Origin of Species", is well known because he was the first person to suggest that one species can evolve into another species False Which of the following is true of Charles Darwin: When his daughter died, he blamed himself, and became indifferent towards God Darwin proposed the theory of natural selection as the mechanism of evolution based on three observations about nature. Which of the following was NOT an observation of Darwin that led to and supports the theory of Natural Selection. Individuals strive to better adapt to their environments because of the struggle to survive. The founder effect differs from a population bottleneck in that the founder effect ______. involves the isolation of a small colony of individuals from a larger population The ultimate source of all variation is ______. Mutation Natural selection always results in ______. offspring better adapted to their parents' environment than were their parents What does the term tetrapod mean? Having Four Limbs Which of the following is best associated with the species Homo sapiens: Most highly evolved organism on the tree of life As a ______ is to a cell, a ______ is to a multicellular organism. lysosome . . . digestive system
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Some of the oldest known fossils of Homo sapiens are at least ______ years old, although recently even older fossils have been found. 100,000
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biology 1010 - Exam Consumers Humans are _. What are...

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