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will have to pay use tax on the purchase at a rate representing any difference in the Alabama sales tax rate and the Georgia use tax rate. Benjamin will also have to pay personal property tax annually on the truck. Finally, since the vehicle is used in Benjamin’s business, he will be able to depreciate the truck for federal income tax purposes. (26) [LO5] Kobe strongly dislikes SUVs and is appalled that so many are on the road. He proposes to eliminate the federal income tax and replace it with a $50,000 annual tax per SUV. Based on the number of SUVs currently owned in the United States, he estimates the tax will generate exactly the amount of tax revenue currently collected from the income tax. What is wrong with Kobe’s proposal? What type of forecasting is Kobe likely using? Kobe’s forecast is based on static forecasting (i.e., he is ignoring how taxpayers may alter their activities in response to the tax law change). Given that taxpayers are likely to substitute purchases of other vehicles for SUVs (i.e., the substitution effect), Kobe’s proposal is likely to
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