History1 - STUDY SESSIONS 9/12/11 Teague 3:30-5:00 7:45...

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STUDY SESSIONS 9/12/11 – Teague 3:30-5:00 7:45 – 9:30 Parker 305 August 23, 2011 TOWARD A NEW WORLD-VIEW 1492 – Christopher Columbus Problem 1: Sponsorship for trip (Italy, Portuguese) They refused because they were content with their trade and commerce o Motivation for Sponsorship Land- resource and land suitable for cash crops Markets – to direct trade to Asian markets Faith – to expand Christianity in the East October 1492 – San Salvador, Cuba, encounter Taino Indians Never arrived in Asia Voyages changed the world forever 1439 – printing press (Gutenburg) COLOMBIAN EXCHANGE Named for Christopher Columbus Global diffusion of plants, animals, and pathogens as a result of contact b/w two distinct and here to for separated worlds Corn (maize) and potatoes – Europeans did not like the taste and feed to livestock o Rugged plants and grew in different climate and high calories o Linked to a population boom after 1750; fuels the Industrial Revolution o Quinine used to combat malariya o Xocoatal (cocoa bean) becomes chocolate in the Old World Most animals traveled from Old World to New World Only New World animal is llama (domesticated) o Used for food, hide, and transportation THE MICROBIAL EXCHANGE The Exchange was not even especially when it came to diseases Europe Americas Smallpox o the biggest killer disease o First outbreak in 1519 in Mexico Measles Diphtheria Influenza Whopping cough
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Americas Europe Syphilis – some evidence it could’ve been an Old World disease SLAVE EXPERIENCE Since the natives were wiping out, the Europeans started shipping Africans as slaves to America Most were taken to Latin America (8 to 9 million) and 3.5 million to Brazil More men were bought over than women o The type of work o Africans had more control of their population and women Africans brought languages, food, color, and culture that changed America forever WORLD MAP Map of the world changed Worldview was being questioned and depicted Cartographers drafted new world map with unknown island and things they may have not seen Cantino World Map+ o Lisbon (Portugal’s capital) 1502 o earliest surviving map showing Portuguese discoveries in the east and west o notable for portraying a fragmentary record of the Brazilian coast, discovered in 1500 by Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral who conjectured whether it was merely an island or part of the continent that several Spanish expeditions had just encountered farther north THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION Humans in natural world o Look to imperialism Experimentation Direct observation Humans in God o Look to scriptures EMPIRICISM Most important figures of Revolution and imperialism o Were labeled heretics but not atheists o Galilei o Bacon o Newton Galileo Galilei - telescope o Observed heavens, moons, etc were not heavenly lights and were made like Earth
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History1 - STUDY SESSIONS 9/12/11 Teague 3:30-5:00 7:45...

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