Class 1 Summary of l - 1 That management accounting information is used for 1 Planning 2 Control and Evaluation 3 Cost Analysis 2 That management

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MGT 170: Class 1 Summary of Key Learning Objectives for The P&G Polska case introduces the topic of management accounting, including both cost management and management control (i.e., performance measurement and evaluation). The case illustrates: How management accounting systems emerge in response to information needs in organizations – the development of a managerial accounting system depends on the strategy and environment of the organization;
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Unformatted text preview: 1* That management accounting information is used for: 1) Planning 2) Control and Evaluation 3) Cost Analysis 2* That management accounting information is used by accounting and non-accounting managers (in this case, sales managers); 3* That management accounting information is based on data from the financial accounting system but is aggregated and reported in a way to support managerial decision-making....
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