Brazil Tourism - Brazil Tourism Subject Tourism in Brazil...

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Brazil Tourism Subject: Tourism in Brazil Statement: A brief overview of Brazil. Introduction: With its 8,512 thousands km2, Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and it is today America Latin's most important country, if considering the productive capacity, the size of its economy and the potential of industrial, agricultural and tourist growth. It is one of the world's economic giants and is revered for its football prowess, coffee production and lively music such as samba and bossa nova. It includes much of the world's biggest rain forest around the Amazon, whose exploitation has become a major environmental worry. The high rate of destruction of the Amazon by loggers and cattle ranchers remains controversial, but government-sponsored migration programmes have been halted. Brazilians often say they live in a continent rather than a country, and that's an excusable exaggeration. The landmass is bigger than the United States if you exclude Alaska; the journey from Recife in the east to the western border with Peru is longer than that from London to Moscow, and the distance between the norther and southern borders is about the same as that between New York and Los Angeles. Brazil has no mountains to compare with its Andean neighbours, but in every other respect it has all the scenic - and cultural - variety you would expect from so vast a country. The tourism in Brazil is much more than simply samba and carnival. Brazil possesses beaches pretty, good tourist structure and wonderful walks for the foreign tourist. The ecological tourism, for de Brazilian "Pantanal" or for the Amazon Area, it is fascinating, a different and unknown world for the North American, European or Japonese tourist. The Brazilian beaches of the northeast, nothing is the duty of another in the whole world and there is still the "Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha", in the Brazilian coast, with airplane access or ship. The tropical climate, the sun and the natural beauties, they do an only place today of the country and with enormous tourist potential. The national language of Brazil is Portuguese. Due to the influence of the many other languages already existing or brought over by immigrant groups, Brazilian Portuguese differs from that
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Brazil Tourism - Brazil Tourism Subject Tourism in Brazil...

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