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BRAZIL For years Brazil has been a featured country in South America. Not only is Brazil a very pretty country, it is filled with an abundance of natural resources. For three centuries Brazil was ruled by Portugal. The country finally gained its independence as a nation in the year of 1822. Brazil is the largest and most populous country in South America. Therefore, it is also a big part of the economy in South America. For over half a century Brazil has fought to overcome military intervention by the governance in search of industrial and agricultural growth and development of the interior. Do to Brazil's vast natural resources and a huge amount of jobs and workers; it has become Latin America's leading economic power. However, highly unequal income distribution remains a very serious problem within the country (Brazil 1). Brazil is located in the Eastern part of the continent of South America. Geographically its coordinates are 10 00 S, 55 00 W. The total area of Brazil consists of 8,511,965 sq km. Of that area, 8,456,510 sq km is land, and 55,455 sq km is water. The country of Brazil is just smaller than
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