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Brazilians and North Americans Brazilians have a strikingly distinct culture which favors physical contact to show love and affection compared to the North American culture. The personal space that Brazilians have is not as great as the North Americans have and they like to be touched more since it is a way of displaying affection. Middle class Brazilians teach their kids to kiss, hug anad touch every relative and both females and males continue kissing their relatives throughout their lives. Brazilian men greet each other ith handshakes and hugs, which is not that common among North American men. In an ethnocentric view which favors North American culture, the Brazilian culture would not be appreciated since they have strikingly contrasting attitudes. This view would dissapprove the behavior of the Brazilians who maintain less personal space, involve in kissing, hugging and touching to show affection. By judging them according to what's normal in North American culture, they would probably think and fear that these affectionate behaviors
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Unformatted text preview: may show homosexuality and may imply sex. In an ethnocentric view which favors Brazilian culture, since North Americans don't engage in physical contact to show their affection their culture would be seen as cold, distant and impersonal by the Brazilians. Since in this culture affection does not necessarily imply sex, they would not understand the possibility that Americans see this kind of affection as extreme and as an implicator of sex. A cultural relativist view would argue that both cultures deserve the same amount of respect and different cultures should not be judged according to according to other cultures own values. This view would approve the moral and ethical values of both of the cultures, supporting physical contact as a way of showing affection for Brazilians and being distant with more personal space, not engaging in touching or kissing to show affection for North Americans....
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