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Fixing US image in middle east

Fixing US image in middle east - market You will not find...

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Fixing US image in middle east Fixing the US image in the Middle East Misinformation is not what the US needs in order to enhance its presences in the Middle East amidst mounting criticism of its post-Taliban tough policy. What it really needs is positive engagement in the whole region. I am no idealist, but I think American national interests can also be served by benign policies. Take a look at the Middle East. Where will you find the US? You find it in the Arab-Israeli conflict with total biased policy that is fueling violence. You will also find the US in Iraq maintaining inhuman sanctions that are opposed by almost the whole world. You will find the US supporting oppressive governments and keeping a blind eye on their miserable human right records and pervasive corruption that if not checked, will threaten the stability of the region. You will NOT find the US in non-political non-military arenas. You will not find the US in issues of modernization, water and agriculture projects, technical education helping the regions' youth get prepared to new job
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Unformatted text preview: market. You will not find the US in health services, poverty treatment, cultural activity or any development issue, except if it involves commercial transactions. I believe that the Middle East is the only region where American NGOs are not present. At least they are not in the Gulf. This could be a product of a belief that the region is wealthy, its people do not need help and if they do they can buy it. This was true in the past, but now it is a myth. So, Washington needs to reconsider its whole presences in the region. It should not be limited to high politics. It has to have good and benevolent side too. Otherwise, US image will continue to be bad, which will feed negative attitudes towards everything American. So, please get involved positively. Do not just think of cold-war tools, i.e., misinformation and propaganda. Be close to the kids, the youth, the poor and the oppressed then you will find a hospitable Middle East....
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