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Astronomy 101 November 15 th , 2011 (ppt. Lecture_18) Sound vs. Light Density and Pressure Sound vs. Light Both are waves, and therefore speed = frequency * wavelength For sound: higher frequency (shorter wavelength) implies higher pitch . This is why flutes, piccolos, and violins are small, while double basses or tubas are big. For sound, the higher the pressure, the louder the sound. For light: higher frequency (short wavelength) implies bluer color ; lower frequency (long wavelength) implies redder color . The bluer the light, the more energy it carries: energy = h * frequency Sound waves are alternating regions of high and low density, or equivalently as alternating regions of high and low pressure. What happens when two sound waves collide and mix with each other? Waves add together in a simple way. At any given point, the amplitudes just add together (but we must keep track of whether an amplitude is positive or negative) If two waves are perfectly aligned, they will
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