econ092611 - Microeconomics Sept 26th 2011 More Problems...

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Sept. 26 th , 2011 More Problems with Markets Caring Labor Why we care about care Caring labor nurtures and educates people. It produces public goods. We all benefit from a healthier, better educated, more productive population Care is a form of insurance Parents care We ALL need it We want to live with people with good values: honesty and a sense of personal responsibility “Sometimes, we all need somebody to lean on.” Yes we do Because things happen to people. Caring labor is becoming more important Childhood is longer: affluent societies nurture creativity and cooperation. On the other end, we live longer and need more care. In between, we often need more care because of illness and disability. Some care work is coordinated through the market Including nurses, doctors, “girl friends,” home-health aides, and some teachers Much is done by family and friends. Care usually from a mix of market and non-market providers Market: Non-Market Childcare centers and homes Family time Restaurant and take-out meals Home cooking Cleaning services Vacuuming + Laundry Schools Family reading time Eldercare Visiting grandmother Nurses and doctor Mom Prostitution
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econ092611 - Microeconomics Sept 26th 2011 More Problems...

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