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Wael_Naguib - Mission Statement A passion to serve our...

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If this is the problem : Graduating from the college of home- economics, the 26 years old lady, Mona, has been jobless. Now after developing skills in web-sites development she plans to be home-based Pizza provider. She capitalizes on her knowledge and expertise she gained, as well as the likely opportunities in 6 th of October community where she lives. She has solicited you, being a friend of her, to prepare the preliminary marketing plan . My POV : It should be sample and personalized by using our own words as its home based overall
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Unformatted text preview: . Mission Statement A passion to serve our neighborhood customers with fresh homemade pizza . Business goals and objectives To increase sales of delivery pizza by 2% every month as measured by number of orders in the first year . SWOT Analysis Strengths Fresh homemade pizza with competitive prices . Weaknesses The reliance on small capital that can't fit the business grows . Opportunities Decreased product costs Threats Competition from brand pizza from well known companies...
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