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Performance Management By Robert Bacal Book review by : Hatem abdel aziz Under supervision of: DR Maha Hafez Main Objectives of the book 1- Energize every employee. 2- Improve performance through feedback . 3- Learn how to measure performance Performance management: what is it? Performance management is an ongoing communication process, undertaken in partnership between an employee and his immediate supervisor that involves establishing clear shared expectations and understanding about: - The essential job functions the employee is expected to do. - How the employee job contributes to the goals of the organization. - What – doing the job well- means in concrete terms. - How employee and supervisor will work together to sustain, improve, or build on existing employee performance. - How job performance will be measured. - Identifying barriers to performance and removing them
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To succeed at performance management you need to be aware of some common misconceptions that can trip up even the best of managers, as performance management is not :- - Something a manager does to an employee. - A club to force people to work better or harder. - Used only In poor performance situations. - About completing forms once a year. Performance management is about creating relationships and ensuring effective communication. He notes, “It’s about reorienting ourselves—focusing on what organizations, managers, and employees need to succeed. It’s about looking at performance appraisal and performance management as ways to engineer success for everyone. The payoff of using performance management We will realize that it will takes time and effort , what managers wants more work? Consider, though , that the time and effort are investment .when performance management is used properly , there are clear benefits to every one - managers , employees, and the organization, It’s about relationships and communication and working together to succeed. The purpose of this book, according to Bacal, is for managers to get “a good grasp of the whys, hows, whens, and whats of performance management” so they can “develop a way of doing it that helps everyone”—the manager, his or her employees, and the organization. For managers
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Performance Management - Performance Management By Robert...

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