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Cookies Q1:- briefly describe the cookie production process - Semi-automated process by using IT system . - Customer based order . - Using the interchangeable parts system . - High efficient use of resources and raw materials . - Systematic and scheduled line of production . - Smoothly production flow . - Will defined tasks and operations Q2:- what are two ways that the company has increase productivity ? why did increasing the length of the Ovens result in a faster output rate ?
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Unformatted text preview: -The two ways are 1-Cutting the non-filled cookies on a diagonal rather than round , which require less space than straight cut and the result is a higher efficiency on productivity. 2-Increasing the length of each oven by 25 feet which is also increase the efficiency on productivity. As , through the same time the output of each oven will be more than the output of the old length of the same oven , that saving of time will affect all production steps .-...
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