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Diagonal - affect the aggregate demand curve and may affect...

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How does strategy affect strategy? Many organizations spend most of their time reacting to unexpected changes instead of anticipating and preparing for them. This is called crisis management. Organizations caught off guard may spend a great deal of time and energy "playing catch up". They use up their energy coping with immediate problems with little energy left to anticipate and prepare for the next challenges. This vicious cycle locks many organizations into a reactive posture, this may define how can a strategy may affect strategy, so we use a will defined strategy to anticipate and prepare the organization for the unexpected changes that to achieve the related targeted strategies . On the other hand when a strategy affects it self badly , then the strategy is not worth implementing. Also that happened when a shorted feedback of a certain strategy may affect the long term objective of the same strategy. How does competitiveness affect competitiveness? When we have a certain kind of competition ( like monopolist ) , this kind of competition may
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Unformatted text preview: affect the aggregate demand curve and may affect the product supply ,with many other economic forces may help new entries to the market and shifting the competition to be prefect ones. Also where the organization stand with the light of competitiveness may determine how could the organization maintain the same level or exceeding level of competitiveness. How does productivity affect productivity? Productivity itself represents the main stand point to evaluate productivity in general, as how efficiency we are in allocating our resources will be very important to determine the suitable level of productivity needed , as we need to maintain the same level of efficiency or achieve higher level of it . The above mentioned three questions represent some sorts of internal assessment for any organization as comparing the effect of the current situation or current stand point on the upcoming capability for the same issue....
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