Tragedy - Wall Street gone crazy.-Absence of the support...

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An American Tragedy: how a good company died ( Burgmaster Corp.) Findings Topics - Management by numbers rather than hands- on decision making. - the careful craftsmanship of machine tools - Expanding strategy. - Change of management. - Absence of quality preview. - Speculation replaces enterprise (productive investment) - Lack of customer oriented. - Alienation of skilled blue-collar workers. - Foreign and domestic competition. - pushing aside of management - No squelching of innovation. - Highly leveraged transaction or bootstrap transaction. - Demand and supply , price and quality - The politics of U.S. trade policy. - Loss of livelihood of employees. - Tangible consequences of Washington and
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Unformatted text preview: Wall Street gone crazy.-Absence of the support system, it has by the government and law makers.-Absence of the full awareness on the industry -Decimation of US manufacturers .-Mismanagement of a capable and willing American work force -Market force.-Strategy.-Quality control .-Cash flow generation .-Innovators.-Innovations.-Customer oriented .-Resources Efficiency.-Effectiveness.-LBO leveraged buyout.-Competition.-Global economy.-Supply chain .-Bankruptcy. -Insolvency.-Government policy .-Liquidation .-Macroeconomic.-Mismanagement.-Sound economy ....
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