the imf egyet report - April 2010 IMF Country Report No....

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© 2010 International Monetary Fund April 2010 IMF Country Report No. 10/94 March 9, 2010 March 24, 2010 March 9, 2010 February 16, 2010 2010 Arab Republic of Egypt: 2010 Article IV Consultation—Staff Report; Public Information N otice on the Executive Board Discussion; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Arab Republic of Egypt Under Article IV of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement, the IMF holds bilateral discussions with members, usually every year. In the context of the 2010 Article IV consultation with the Arab Republic of Egypt, the following documents have been released and are included in this package: The staff report for the 2010 Article IV consultation, prepared by a staff team of the IMF, following discussions that ended on February 16, 2010, with the officials of the Arab Republic of Egypt on economic developments and policies. Based on information available at the time of these discussions, the staff report was completed on March 9, 2010. The views expressed in the staff report are those of the staff team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Executive Board of the IMF. A Public Information Notice (PIN) summarizing the views of the Executive Board as expressed during its March 24, 2010 discussion of the staff report that concluded the Article IV consultation. A statement by the Executive Director for the Arab Republic of Egypt. The policy of publication of staff reports and other documents allows for the deletion of market-sensitive information. Copies of this report are available to the public from International Monetary Fund Publication Services 700 19 th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20431 Telephone: (202) 623-7430 Telefax: (202) 623-7201 E-mail: Internet: International Monetary Fund Washington, D.C.
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INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT Staff Report for the 2010 Article IV Consultation Approved by Ratna Sahay and David Marston March 9, 2010 This report is based on discussions held in Cairo during February 3 16, 2010. The staff team comprised A. MacArthur (head), E. Arbatli, K. Moriyama, K. Ongley (all MCD), M. Albino-War (FAD), and K. Youssef (MCM). Mr. Shaalan and Ms. Abdelati (both OED) also participated in the technical and policy discussions. Counterparts: Discussions were held with Ministers Boutros-Ghali (Finance), Mohieldin (Investment), and Osman (Economic Development), Central Bank Governor El Okdah, other government officials, as well as with representatives from the private sector, academia, labor organizations, and the parliament. Context of past surveillance: Five years of reforms and prudent macroeconomic policies created the space needed to respond to the global financial crisis, and the supportive fiscal and monetary policies of the past year have been in line with staff’s advice. The authorities remain committed to resuming fiscal consolidation broadly in keeping with past advice to address fiscal vulnerabilities.
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the imf egyet report - April 2010 IMF Country Report No....

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